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If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for a way forward.

You know, perhaps intuitively, something in your life or relationships is out of sync. Or maybe the issue is so audacious it simply cannot be ignored. Either way, you’re here. Looking.

There are many fine counsellors you could turn to for assistance at a time like this. If you choose to come to Wellspring, I’m sure we can make a profound difference to your life and health.

We might start by increasing your awareness of the triggers that set things off (and how to counter them), investigate the deep seated behaviours you’ve instinctively picked up, and understand the lightening fast self-talk which determines your feelings and attitudes. Let’s talk. You’ll be amazed how it helps.

We can meet face-to-face (until things change in regard to the COVID-19 requirements, counselling is regarded as an 'essential' service). Or, if you prefer, we can talk on the phone, or link up face-to-screen using Skype or Zoom.

You've made it this far, take the final step of making contact via phone call, email or text.

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